Mage Audio DT770 vs Stock DT770

Mage Audio DT770 vs Stock DT770

Just to get a clear picture of the differences made by the Mage Audio mod (Red) vs stock (Blue). Better seal on these measurements. Comparison to the Sennheiser HD600 coming shortly. Will be doing some more comparisons in the near future to help give a better idea of how these sound. Stay tuned!

Against Titans: The Black Mage


The Black Mage is a custom tuned Beyerdynamic DT770 Studio 80 Ohm (Pro 80 Ohm) headphone. The modifications implemented in the Black Mage are the result of creative experimentation, meticulous design work, and hundreds of hours of listening and comparing to many high fidelity headphones.

Externally, the Black Mage is front dampened with a multilayered acoustic filter that attenuates unwanted rises in the upper middle and lower treble to create a more natural sonic character. Internally, it is treated to increase ear cup rigidity and to reduce unwanted resonance. These modifications produce a natural, musical sound signature, a holographic soundstage and excellent instrument separation and imaging.

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