Mage Audio Test Material

By request, this is the material I listen to during the tuning and comparing process. I don’t see a reason to explain every reason for each album being on my list. The important thing to consider is that I listen to some well recorded material and some decently recorded material, the kind of mix I think most people who fall toward the middle of the consumer-audiophile spectrum listen to. Sources are either Tidal/CD through laptop headphone out, Tidal/CDs ripped lossless through iPhone, or my reference, CDs ripped FLAC to Sony WM1A Walkman, which is pretty darn neutral.

No expensive tube amps, no high end DACs. While I’ve compared these phones to plenty of $1000-$4000 headphones, my goal is to make an great sounding headphone for an affordable price that stands head and shoulders above the other offerings in the $300-700 range in both technicalities and pure musical enjoyment. Hopefully you’ll agree with me.




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