Black Mage Review


Stu Black at knows headphones- he’s reviewed over 70 of them on his website. He and I were introduced through a mutual acquaintence at Audio Advice here in Raleigh, and when I had finished tweaking the last edition of the Black Mage, Stu agreed to give them a listen and possibly write a review if he liked them. After listening to them for a couple of days I got an email from him with his initial impressions: “Wow…how did you get a closed back headphone to sound so open?”

Well, that’s my secret of course.

Stu remarked on the phenomenal clarity and near-perfect treble, as well as the articulate bass that sat just right in the mix, and he told me a review was forthcoming. You can check  out his comprehensive review here:

-“I don’t want to say these are as good as a Focal Utopia, but I’m almost inclined to compare the two.”

-“I was flabbergasted listening to tracks I’ve heard many times over…Decay, Instrument Timbre, Soundstage, Instrument separation, and clarity are all absolutely stunning to the point of it being almost too much for me to handle.”

A big thanks to Stu for putting the Mage through its paces!


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